Veteran’s Day

Veteran’s Day

Veterans’ Day is a day to give thanks and acknowledgement for the sacrifices our armed forces make to keep us safe and secure. By giving up the things we take for granted, like time with their families, their safety and sometimes, their lives, members of the armed forces ensure that Americans don’t have to worry about attacks on our liberty or way of life. There’s nothing we can do to fully repay this debt, but holidays like Veterans Day allow us to reflect and show our appreciation. We at Moran Family of Brands use this opportunity every year to celebrate the veterans within our system, because the choice they made to join us after a career of service to our country means a lot to us.

Moran Family of Brands is proud to have 16 franchisees who are veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces. These veterans represent each branch of the armed forces, and between them, they have served throughout the past seven decades. Our veterans add value to the Moran system by bringing their expertise, discipline and knowledge in confronting daily challenges. Our veterans represent the key ideals we wish to model throughout our franchise: Dedication, Respect, Integrity, Vision and Enthusiasm, or DRIVE. By being some of the top-performing and cooperative franchisees in the system, our veterans do more than just contribute to our bottom line – they make our business stronger one action at a time.

We at Moran Family of Brands recognize the importance of rewarding military service, so we offer several benefits to veterans joining our family. We are VetFran members, which means we offer a $5,000 discount to any honorably discharged veteran who qualifies to join our system. We also offer unmatched mentorship and support for those who make the choice to franchise with us as their second career after the military. We’ve found this is a huge benefit for those working to transition to civilian life.

Lowell Hester

Veterans like father-son pair Lowell and Scott Hester have found out first-hand the success that’s possible through our franchise. Lowell served in the Air Force for three years and was deployed in Vietnam, and he has been a top-performing franchisee since 1998. His son Scott started in the business after eight years of service in the Navy, operating his father’s store. Scott then went on to purchase his own Mr. Transmission in 2000. Both have been recognized with the Award of Excellence each year they’ve been franchisees, and Lowell just earned the Franchisee of the Year Award for the Mr. Transmission brand.

Nothing can repay the bravery, sacrifice and strength of our nation’s veterans, but this holiday is a great time for us to recognize the accomplishments of so many in our system who have served our country. For every honorably discharged veteran, we encourage you to evaluate whether the Moran opportunity is the right one to follow your military service. For more information, visit our website.


They consistently follow our company’s vision and mission, and fulfill their responsibilities in that role.


People who are polite and well-mannered toward their customers and employees, who go out of their way to make sure others are being treated well.


They uphold the highest standards in ethics and authority, ensuring that the customer’s interests come before their own.


These individuals always look to the future, seeking out ways to improve both themselves and the franchise they run.


Both franchisees and Staff actively participating in the mission and vision of our company.

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