How to augment the services you offer by opening a franchise alongside your independent auto shop

Time For Success

Small business owners will try any number of marketing ideas to bring in more customers. But with many of these tactics, the increase in traffic to your business is temporary. For a permanent boost to your business’ customer base, make a fundamental change, like adding on new services. By partnering with Moran Family of Brands to expand your automotive shop’s services, you can permanently expand your offerings and bring in customers who might have never needed your shop before. Here’s why so many of our franchisees have found success through co-branding their independent auto repair shops.

More Services = More Customers
It’s simple math, but it’s so important for small business owners. To ensure your business’ growth, you must have a steady stream of new customers coming through your doors. Coupons and skilled marketing can accomplish this, but a more effective customer acquisition strategy is to make sure you can help any customer who comes with any need. When the people in your community know they can rely on your business for every automotive need, they’ll trust you more with one of their biggest investments. For example, if your independent shop currently specializes in engine repair, partnering with Moran Family of Brands to offer Mr. Transmission services or Milex Complete Auto Care can dramatically increase the range of issues your business is capable of handling.

Your Expertise Makes You a Resource
When your community knows your services address multiple automotive issues, this is a signal to them that they can count on your technicians to find the exact problem their car is experiencing. Cars are complex, and often customers find automotive trouble intimidating and confusing. Knowing that the technician they’re visiting is an expert in various automotive systems can put their minds at ease, which can mean the difference between the customer visiting your business and another shop. Make it so your community relies on you to answer their questions and solve their problems, and referral traffic will rise effortlessly.

Partnering Is Easy
Ask the dozens of franchisees who have partnered with Moran Family of Brands to add services to their businesses, and you’ll find one thing: Moran makes the process easy. With just your current expertise and a willingness to learn, you can build an additional revenue stream that can instantly change your business for the better. Between our franchisee mentorship program and our new education modules, you won’t ever have a question go unanswered. And if any aspect of the business confuses you at first, you’ll have help from the franchise support team and your fellow franchisees to help navigate you through the situation.
John and Jamie Blanton opened Barebones Auto and Diesel Repair in Denton, Texas in 2011. Last year they added Alta Mere Automotive Outfitters and SmartView Window Solutions to their business. The Blantons have been able to increase the number of services they can provide for their customers. Window tinting has been a natural fit for people in the area who are looking to reduce the heat exposure for their cars, offices or homes during summer months in Texas.
When you expand your services, you can easily welcome more customers, and you make your business a resource for more people in your community. If you already own an automotive shop, a slight expansion with Moran Family of Brands can be an easy way to open yourself up to even more business. Visit our franchise site today to find out why partnering with us is a great way to transform your business!


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