Token Man: A Family Business From Nuts to Bolts

Building a legacy is something Moran Family of Brands has embraced, encouraged and made an important part of our culture. It started over 30 years ago when Dennis and Cele Moran, along with their daughter Barb, acquired the Mr. Transmission brand. Barb Moran managed the due diligence of the acquisition and went on to work in almost every job in the company over the next several years. Barb also owned her own franchise for many years as well, learning that side of the business. Dennis and Cele involved their sons in the business in various capacities however, it was Barb who fell in love with it, stepped up and bought it from her parents in 2010. Pete Baldine, President of MFB, recalls Barb’s children running around the office at young ages over 20 years ago. Today, Amanda leads the marketing team and Jacob is in charge of IT, plus Dennis and Cele’s granddaughter Lauren is the graphic designer. Make no mistake about it, they are not there just because they are Barb’s kids or niece, they have been exposed to the business at early ages and are products of Moran’s entrepreneurial legacy started by their grandparents. Additionally, Amanda’s husband, Grant, is in charge of fleet sales and is the media director while Pete’s son-in-law, Ben, is in charge of Franchise Development.

Now let’s take a look at how deep the family ties go at MFB. On the franchise side of the spectrum, we have 26 percent of our franchise locations where family members work together in the business. Another 27 percent is made up of husband and wife partnerships where both partners work in the business. For example, the Bingham family accounts for four locations, the Whitworth family has three locations, while the Higdons, Hesters, Daniels and Olsons account for two locations each. As a matter of fact, 33 percent of our franchisees have been in the system for 20 years or more while 16 percent of them have been in for 30 years or more. With that kind of longevity, there are several centers that were started by parents and are now owned and operated by 2nd and 3rd generations.

In some circles, you hear that it’s hard to be in business with family and are advised against doing it. Granted, working with family members can have its challenges and obstacles, such as knowing each other too well or letting emotions enter into the discussions. However, there are many virtues of working with family and establishing a strong legacy that can far outweigh the challenges. There can be a tremendous sense of loyalty toward the mission and goals when working with family members. The dedication, passion and desire to carry on the legacy are an asset, that you may not be able to achieve with “outsiders” as well as you can with family. The sense that “we are all in this together” and “we are building something together for all of us to benefit from in the future,” can be a powerful force. When all parties are vested and committed, you find ways to work through the challenges. For instance, Barb and her family have always honored a guideline of not having business conversations on personal time unless it is positive for everyone involved. At Moran Family of Brands, it is a culture we have developed and nurtured, and we have found a formula that not only makes it work but also makes it fun. When family business works well, they have gone on for generations and have created generational wealth including charitable foundations to help others. To learn more about Moran Family of Brands, visit


Story originally published in The Franchise Woman Magazine.


They consistently follow our company’s vision and mission, and fulfill their responsibilities in that role.


People who are polite and well-mannered toward their customers and employees, who go out of their way to make sure others are being treated well.


They uphold the highest standards in ethics and authority, ensuring that the customer’s interests come before their own.


These individuals always look to the future, seeking out ways to improve both themselves and the franchise they run.


Both franchisees and Staff actively participating in the mission and vision of our company.

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