Yes, There is a National Window Film Day


Many people may be surprised to know that Monday, April 30 is National Window Film Day. There seems to be a holiday for everything lately, such as International Cat Day (August 8), National Waffle Day (August 24) and National Cupcake Day (December 15).

But before you wonder if there are too many holidays, there actually are a lot of good reasons for National Window Film Day to exist. We’ll explain.

First of all, some fun facts about National Window Film Day. It’s a holiday that was created by the International Window Film Association, or IWFA, a nonprofit trade association representing leading manufacturers, distributor and dealers of window film. It’s been going on for five years now, and while National Window Film Day may not quite be as popular a holiday as Christmas, Hanukkah, Thanksgiving, or the Fourth of July, in 2017, the governors of Colorado, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Virginia and Hawaii proclaimed April 30 as National Window Film Day in their states. The IWFA hopes even more support across the country will come this year. Still, the point is – the holiday is starting to pick up steam.

Why window film is worth celebrating. At the very least, window film will make your life more comfortable. But it actually could help add years onto your life.

What window film does. It blocks 99 percent of the sun’s ultraviolet rays, reduces sun glare and can protect furniture in home and seats in a car, from fading.

Why we’re excited. One of our signature services at Alta Mere The Automotive Outfitters and Window Solutions is customized window tinting for automobiles and residential and commercial buildings. In fact, we can offer different tinting options to suit your preferences and custom cut the film to fit the size and shape of any window. In other words, window film is our business and we look forward to any day which raises awareness of the value and benefits of the application.

Why you should consider window film. Window film is truly something that everyone should consider getting. You want window film if…

  • You’re not a fan of sweating. Hey, if you love perspiring, stick with the windows you have. But window tint can block up to 80 percent of the sun’s heat and has been proven to greatly reduce interior surface temperatures of a car.
  • You’re not a fan of faded leather car seats. Or of having your car’s dashboard crack. The incoming light can also fade the curtains, wood flooring and living room sofa in your house. In other words, the fewer UV rays coming in, the less damage they can do.
  • You want to reduce your chances of getting a sunburn or skin cancer. The sun’s UV rays can cause sunburn and skin damage to a car’s passengers exposed to sunlight. Window film protects passengers by reducing up to 99 percent of those harmful UV rays. In fact, window tint is recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation as part of a comprehensive skin care program.
  • You like privacy. Tinted windows offers greater privacy and protection inside your car, home or office. People cannot see in from the outside, and thieves are unable to view valuable items that are often in clear sight and lead to a break-in.

So, yes, there is a National Window Film Day on April 30, but if you’re reading this after the holiday, no worries — you can appreciate window film every day of the year. Which is why we hope you’ll drop by soon at an Alta Mere store and let us improve your windows with window film. Just as window film deserves its own national holiday, we think your car, home or office deserves window film.


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