Window Tint Franchise: A Unique Auto Franchise That Pays


Think outside the box when it comes to owning an auto care franchise by opting for a window tint franchise that helps customers increase the value of their vehicles and stay safe on the roads.


Auto window tinting is an important solution to keep riders safe on the road. It protects passengers from up to 99 percent of the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays. People who spend a lot of time driving are at an increased risk of skin cancer and skin damage from UV light passing through their car’s windows, research from the University of Utah revealed.


Window tinting can reduce solar and infrared radiation heat to keep your car cooler and prevent fading of upholstery, carpets, dash, and even the wood trim in the interior of your vehicle caused by UV rays. Window tinting reduces glare from the sun, snow or oncoming vehicles, which can blind drivers and lead to an accident. Window film also acts as a binder to prevent shattered glass from injuring passengers during an accident. It can also protect your privacy and the security of the possessions in your car.


While auto window tinting both adds safety and extends the life of their vehicle, many customers choose to add window tint to enhance the car’s appearance. Window tint allows you to express your own unique style and improve the look of your vehicle. Tint can range from virtually clear, all the way to dark, based on local state laws. As an added bonus, metallized ceramic window tint maximizes these benefits, but does not interfere with your keyless entry, radar detector or mobile phone.


Increasing attention to energy efficiency to curb environmental concerns is helping fuel the demand for window tint. The global window film market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 5.1 percent from 2021 to 2028 to reach $14.97 billion by 2028, according to Grandview Research, a market research firm. North America led the window film market with a share of 32.70 percent in 2020.


Turbo Tint Revolutionizing Window Film Market

Sorting through the options to select a window tint franchise can be challenging. Franchisees have a competitive advantage because they are able to operate a proven business model with ample training and support. It is important for entrepreneurs considering different franchise options to select one that meets their budget and shares their values. It also doesn’t hurt if the brand is on the cutting edge of the industry.


Turbo Tint was created to serve its customers’ needs for automotive and architectural window films, and paint protection film with style and convenience. The brand sets itself apart from competitors by offering a robust e-commerce business with online ordering and scheduling. Customers can purchase a tint package and schedule an appointment online. When they arrive for service, they will only need to select their desired shade of window film and the entire installation process is completed in one hour or less. The brand prides itself on providing customers with a lounge-like waiting area complete with complimentary snacks and beverages.


The first Turbo Tint window tinting franchise location opened in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, in October 2020. Longtime Moran Family of Brands’ franchisee Greg Goodman, along with his son, Chandler, created the quick-installation, online purchasing and scheduling concept.  They worked with Moran executives to develop a new franchise brand. Average unit volumes at the first location were more than $800,000, the company revealed.


“One of the primary goals of creating Turbo Tint was to enhance the customer experience and give them exactly what they want,” said Goodman. “We made the ordering and purchasing process seamless and convenient through our website.


Moran Provides Franchise Advantage

Moran Family of Brands sets itself apart from its competitors in the aftermarket auto industry by offering a variety of different franchise options and co-branding opportunities. They tap individuals with an entrepreneurial spirit who have sales and marketing experience. Moran takes steps to ensure all of its franchisees uphold a high standard in ethics and authority by putting the customer’s interests before their own. In addition, Moran provides the training, support, and guidance its franchisees need to succeed.


If you are ready to open a unique and in-demand business in the auto care field, visit Turbo Tint to learn more.


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They uphold the highest standards in ethics and authority, ensuring that the customer’s interests come before their own.


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