Tint World Franchise vs. Turbo Tint: The Difference Is Clear

Are you considering pursuing entrepreneurship by opening a Tint World franchise location? It may not be the best choice for you. Before signing on the dotted line, take some time to learn how Turbo Tint offers a franchise advantage.


A tinting franchise can generate high profits by providing a valuable service to drivers. The global automotive tinting film market is expected to reach $4.6 billion by 2025, according to Grandview Market Research. A high-quality window tint can increase protection from ultraviolet radiation. It can also help prevent the interior of your car, including the dashboard, upholstery, and carpeting fading due to sun exposure. Window tinting can protect passengers after an accident by holding shattered glass in place, and it can provide security by obscuring articles to discourage theft. 


The high cost of new cars is prompting many Americans to hold onto their current rides to save money. The average cost of owning a new vehicle is nearly $10,000 a year, according to a study from the American Automobile Association. While AAA attributes rising costs primarily to the popularity of more expensive compact SUVs and mid-size trucks versus less expensive sedans, high production costs and limited supply are helping send car prices through the roof. As people drive cars longer, they are taking steps to protect their car’s resale value. By adding window tinting to protect the interior of their cars from sun damage, they can extend the life of their vehicle.


Rising temperatures are also helping fuel the auto-tinting market. June was the hottest June on record for the United States, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association reported. Rising temperatures are prompting Americans to find creative ways to stay cool. Window tints can help cool down the interior of your vehicle, according to Car and Driver magazine.


With demand for auto window tinting high, there are numerous business ownership opportunities to explore in the franchising area. To ensure you make the best decision, Turbo Tint believes it is important to compare the major players in the industry to see how they measure up. When you conduct research, it is important to compare brands, like Tint World, with a family-owned business that has a long history in the automotive aftermarket industry.


Be Part of an Emerging Brand

While Tint World has more than 80 locations across the country, the first Turbo Tint location opened in October 2020. It is owned by longtime Moran franchisee Greg Goodman, along with his son, Chandler, who converted their Alta Mere store to Turbo Tint. The Goodmans created the quick-installation, online purchasing, and scheduling concept, and worked with Moran executives to develop a new franchise brand. A second Turbo Tint unit opened in Delray Beach, Florida in August, and Moran has agreements with franchisees to add at least 23 more locations. The cost of a Turbo Tint franchise ranges from $212,000 to $282,000 and requires a location with 3,000 to 4,000 square feet.


While your instinct may prompt you to go with the brand that has more locations, an emerging franchise brand offers many opportunities for entrepreneurs. Emerging brands have more flexibility and opportunities for growth and leadership in the system. While Turbo Tint is an emerging brand, Moran Family of Brands is not. Moran with their Alta Mere and Smartview concepts have been in the tinting industry for over 25 years and have a great deal of knowledge to help new and existing franchisees. Turbo Tint allows you to get in on the ground level and offers a competitive advantage.


Experts in Auto Tint

Turbo Tint franchise owners specialize in automotive and architectural window film and paint protection installation. We pride ourselves on being an all-in-one auto and home window tinting business. Focusing on tinting enables Turbo Tint to be the industry standard and provide stellar customer service that gets customers out the door in under an hour.


Tint World offers a host of revenue streams to help franchisees drive profits. In addition to window tinting for cars, boats, homes, and commercial businesses, they also offer car audio video, auto security, styling accessories, auto detailing, and reconditioning services. While having multiple revenue streams can be beneficial, it also causes managerial hassles, and it can be difficult to ensure each stream thrives.


E-Commerce Advantage

In today’s digital world, customers expect companies to have a robust online presence, and many prefer to make purchases virtually. In 2021, more than 2.14 billion people worldwide are expected to make online purchases, up from 1.66 billion in 2016, Statista reported. The pandemic fueled e-commerce as Americans stayed home to flatten the curve, and customers are even expecting services typically shopped for in person, like window tinting, to be available online.


Both Tint World and Turbo Tint offer online appointment scheduling, but we take it a step further by allowing you to choose your service and purchase it online. Turbo Tint customers book and pay online, show up for service at the scheduled time, and are on their way to their next errand one hour or less. Unlike any other tint brand, Turbo Tint offers customers straightforward pricing with our 4 different tint packages and offers one hour window tint.


Turbo Tint had the opportunity to get its online ordering and purchasing system a test run following the outbreak of the pandemic. Goodman tested the e-commerce tool in April 2020, while his Alta Mere location was closed to comply with shutdown orders. He sold 250 window tint orders in one month. Turbo Tint’s e-commerce solution has resulted in an increase in female customers, and by offering straightforward pricing and online videos explaining each package, we simplified the buying process for our customers.


High Level of Customer Service

Providing exceptional customer service is the key to drawing repeat business. All of our window tinting franchise locations will feature a modern and spacious customer waiting area featuring oversized leather chairs, flatscreen TVs, and computer workstations with free Wi-Fi in front of a cozy fireplace setting. While waiting for their tint installation, customers can enjoy complimentary premium coffee, beer, wine, soft drinks, and snacks. Offering speedy service is a bonus.


If you are ready to own an emerging brand in the profitable aftermarket auto industry, learn more about owning a Turbo Tint franchise. Visit www.moranfamilyofbrands.com.


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