Moran Peer Mentorship Program


When you experience a challenging situation, sometimes all you need is a steady hand to help you make sense of things. Unfortunately, this might be a difficult task for someone who has never been through the obstacles you’re facing and might not be able to relate to your struggles. Moran Family of Brands understands this unique situation, which is why our peer mentorship program exists. A good franchise will provide you with the knowledge you need to be successful in business, but when a situation arises and you need some immediate guidance, reaching out a peer in the system can be very helpful. Moran Family of Brands is unmatched in terms of its support for franchisees, mainly due to programs like our peer mentorship initiative.

According to many business experts, including those with the U.S. Small Business Administration, mentorship is key to the success of first-time entrepreneurs. This is especially true during key stages of growth and expansion. A survey by the UPS Store found that small business owners who received mentorship were able to remain in business at double the rate of owners who did not receive advice or help from a mentor.
Here’s how it works: Moran Family of Brands partners new franchisees and prospects with a peer mentor who can answer questions and provide advice from the very beginning. Moran franchisees never need to rely on their own best guesses, because before they even open for business, they’re paired with someone who can offer them “been-there, done-that” insights that can save them a lot of heartache and wasted time. Your mentor is someone in the same brand as you, with a similar store set-up and business environment.

Your mentor will be able to take time to help you at the very beginning, with hands-on assistance in setting up your store, making hiring decisions, building a marketing strategy and any number of other things. Your mentor can also help you troubleshoot problems early on, and they help by assessing situations that could potentially become bigger issues in the future. They can even help on your grand opening and beyond by giving their input on your marketing materials and event planning.

There are several advantages to having a mentor on your side to help you grow. In addition to increasing your chances for success in business and providing valuable hands-on assistance in building your business, your mentor can also act as a sounding board for your thoughts and suggestions. When a franchise provides this kind of support to potential franchisees beginning before day one, it’s a sign that the organization knows how to set up their people for a strong career in their system. For more information on how to join Moran Family of Brands and attain success with a solid group of colleagues behind you, contact us through our franchise site.


They consistently follow our company’s vision and mission, and fulfill their responsibilities in that role.


People who are polite and well-mannered toward their customers and employees, who go out of their way to make sure others are being treated well.


They uphold the highest standards in ethics and authority, ensuring that the customer’s interests come before their own.


These individuals always look to the future, seeking out ways to improve both themselves and the franchise they run.


Both franchisees and Staff actively participating in the mission and vision of our company.

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