Franchise Conversion: How to Convert an Existing Business to a Franchise

Franchise Conversion: How to Convert an Existing Business to a Franchise

Good help is hard to find. Converting your auto repair shop to a franchise can fuel your hiring efforts. Moran Family of Brands is here to help you understand why franchise conversion may be the answer to your staffing challenges.

Labor Shortage Takes a Toll
A competitive job market and a low unemployment rate are putting a crunch on many employers trying to find talent. After hitting a 54-year low in February, the unemployment rate inched up in May to 3.7%. Businesses continued adding jobs in May, exacerbating the tight labor market as employers compete for qualified talent.

Even as sweeping layoffs rock major financial institutions and technology giants this year, a shortage of skilled labor continues to plague trade industries. Rapid advancements in technology and evolving industry demands are creating a gap where the available talent pool does not possess the specific skills or qualifications needed for certain roles.

At least 3 million trade jobs will be open by 2028. Many young people possess outdated perceptions of the trade industry and underestimate the earnings potential of a trade job. And 37% have never had a conversation with anyone about a trade, according to a survey conducted by Stanley Black & Decker.

Hiring Tips
If you’re on the hunt for qualified help, we’ve got some tips that can help streamline your hiring process for better results.

  • Craft detailed job descriptions that clearly outline the position's responsibilities, required qualifications, and any specialized skills or certifications desired. Highlight any unique selling points or benefits of working at your auto repair shop.
  • Reach a broader audience of qualified candidates by leveraging online platforms. Post job openings on industry-specific websites, online job boards, and social media platforms.
  • Research average salaries and benefits in your area for similar positions to ensure you offer competitive compensation packages. Mechanics and technicians are more likely to be attracted to opportunities that provide fair pay and additional perks.
  • Emphasize any growth opportunities within your auto repair shop. Mechanics and technicians often appreciate employers who invest in their professional development through training programs or mentorship opportunities.

Franchising Offers Hiring Relief
Finding qualified employees is challenging, and independent operators are forced to compete with large companies with established recruiting systems and brand recognition. Following hiring tips can help, but franchising will alleviate your hiring headaches. Franchises have access to industry connections, training programs, and the latest recruiting technology to assist you in hiring qualified mechanics and technicians.

Take your business to the next level by joining our team. Moran is the franchisor of six aftermarket auto and window tinting industry brands, including Milex Complete Auto Care, Mr. Transmission, and Turbo Tint. We can give you the tools you need to increase your profitability.

In addition to offering a turnkey business in the recession-resistant aftermarket automotive industry, Moran is exceeding auto repair standards. We work with trade schools and industry associations to help our franchisees find reliable technicians, and our skilled technical department is staying on top of the latest trends and developments with electric vehicles. Moran is producing online videos and training programs for their technicians throughout the system to improve onboarding.

Partnering with Moran also provides ongoing marketing support and materials that enhance your visibility to prospective customers and help you bring in new leads. We’ll provide you with a dedicated business coach, and our vendor relationships generate discounts in all aspects of your business.

Success Runs in the Family
 Become a franchisee! For an initial investment of $118,219 to $296,767, you can join a seasoned team in the aftermarket automotive industry. To learn more about franchise conversion, connect with a franchise business consultant from our team.


They consistently follow our company’s vision and mission, and fulfill their responsibilities in that role.


People who are polite and well-mannered toward their customers and employees, who go out of their way to make sure others are being treated well.


They uphold the highest standards in ethics and authority, ensuring that the customer’s interests come before their own.


These individuals always look to the future, seeking out ways to improve both themselves and the franchise they run.


Both franchisees and Staff actively participating in the mission and vision of our company.

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