8 Car Franchise Opportunities and What They Cost

8 Car Franchise Opportunities and What They Cost
Explore car franchise opportunities! From mobile car franchises to automotive dealerships, Moran Family of Brands can help you discover options with costs ranging from $17,000 to $11 million.* Find your fit!

Americans bought 15.5 million new cars, trucks, and SUVs in 2023, including nearly 1.2 million electric vehicles (EVs), and about 68% of people plan to buy a new car in 2024. With more than 296.6 million vehicles on the road in 2024, the auto industry continues to be a lucrative opportunity for savvy business owners. As the industry evolves, especially with the rise of EVs, understanding the variety of franchises available and their associated costs can help you find a business that has the potential to meet your financial goals and market demand.

Moran is the franchisor of six brands in the aftermarket auto repair and window tinting industries, including Milex Complete Auto Care, Mr. Transmission, and Turbo Tint, and we have more than 34 years of franchising experience. Here’s our lineup of eight car franchise opportunities, including what you might expect to invest in each one to get started.

1. Auto Appraisals
An auto appraisal franchise caters to individuals and businesses needing vehicle valuation for insurance, sales, and more. Startup costs for this niche market are low because you don’t need equipment or a physical store, but franchise options are minimal. The initial investment for an auto appraisal franchise ranges from $17,000 to $44,000, primarily for training, licensing, and marketing.

2. On-site Fleet Fuel Provider
An on-site fleet fuel provider franchise offers refueling services to businesses with vehicle fleets, saving them time and money. As a B2B service provider, you’ll cater to logistics companies, public transportation fleets, and corporate car services. The investment for a fleet fuel business starts at $130,000. Fleet fueling is a competitive market and you’ll need to secure specialized equipment and follow proper safety measures to operate efficiently.

3. Mobile Automotive Service Provider
Starting a mobile automotive service franchise is a low-overhead option for entrepreneurs who want to gain a foothold in the automotive market by offering customers convenience and flexibility. Mobile car franchises can provide detailing, oil changes, or minor repairs, directly at the customer's location. The initial investment ranges from $21,000 to $ 258,000 depending on your services. While mobile automotive service providers can set their schedules and cut costs by conducting administrative tasks from a home office, high-priced repairs still need to be done at a repair shop.

4. Auto Repair Shop
Auto repair shop franchises offer a range of services from routine maintenance to complex repairs. With the average age of cars on the road reaching 12.5 years, an auto repair franchise offers a solid investment. The initial investment for our Milex or Mr. Transmission auto repair brands, which provide comprehensive auto repair and maintenance, is $207,425 to $264,685.

5. Car Wash
A car wash franchise can be a lucrative business, offering various services from basic washes to full-service detailing. The initial investment for a car wash varies widely depending on the type of location. The average cost to open a car wash franchise is $275,000, according to FranSmart. While car wash services are in high demand, business is subject to weather conditions and if a single part malfunctions, you may have to shut your doors until it’s fixed.

6. Window Tinting
Specializing in window tinting for vehicles (and often residential and commercial properties), this franchise appeals to entrepreneurs interested in a business with aesthetic and functional customer benefits. The cost of opening one of our Turbo Tint locations is $234,510 to $319,400. Our Turbo Tint concept debuted following the pandemic outbreak, and we now have 12 locations and additional development deals in the pipeline.

7. Tool and Equipment Supplier
Franchises that supply tools and equipment cater to auto repair shops, dealerships, and DIY enthusiasts. An auto parts supply location requires an initial investment of up to $518,000, covering inventory, warehousing, and distribution logistics. Hiring employees with a strong knowledge of automotive tools can be challenging. You’ll need a high-profile location to drive traffic, which can be pricey.

8. Car Dealership
Opening a car dealership franchise represents a significant investment and offers substantial revenue potential. You’ll need a solid grasp of the automotive market. Inventory, showroom setup, and licensing can cost as much as $11 million just to get started. In addition to high startup costs, demand for new cars fluctuates based on current economic conditions. New car sales are forecast to rebound in 2024, but high interest rates put a damper on sales for the past two years, according to Cox Automotive.

Moran: A Leader in the Aftermarket Automotive Market
Are you searching for car franchises to grow beyond your current financial means and take control of your future? If you’re drawn to the aftermarket automotive industry, we have a range of proven opportunities. Our established brand presence attracts a loyal customer base. We strive to stay at the forefront of automotive technology, offering services that meet the evolving needs of vehicle owners.

You don’t need experience in the automotive industry to join our auto shop franchise family. We focus on training to ensure franchisees are well-equipped to manage their business. Each of our franchise owners receives four weeks of training and ongoing support. Our training includes two weeks of online pre-training, one week of classroom training, and one week of field training at an existing location.

We’re searching for potential entrepreneurs with a track record of maintaining ethical behavior in high-pressure situations who want to run their own business. To open one of our locations, you need a net worth of $250,000 and available cash of $65,000 to $90,000.

Join Our Family!
If you want to open a car care franchise with a partner that offers support, training, and brand recognition, consider joining the Moran family. You’ll gain a competitive edge in the market, backed by a team dedicated to your success. Reach out today to learn more about how to become a franchisee.

*All investment information from Entrepreneur magazine’s franchise database, unless otherwise cited.


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