Why Car Detailing Franchises Aren't the Best Auto Investment

Car detailing franchises sound like a good investment for someone who loves working on cars, but there are better opportunities in the auto industry. Learn what drives a bigger profit.

If you are a car aficionado and want to pursue entrepreneurship, there are numerous opportunities in the aftermarket auto industry. Car detailing franchises offer a mobile business in an emerging market. As part of a car detailing service, detailers clean the car by hand to return it to like-new condition. The auto detailing market generated $258 million and is poised for growth, according to IBISWorld, a market research firm. Franchise owners can skip out on a traditional desk job and set their own schedules when they invest in a car detailing franchise. The average age of cars on the road climbed to 12.2 years in May and people are relying on car detailing to help their rides withstand the test of time.

If you lack the skills to be a mechanic and have a passion for cars, a future in the car detailing business may sound like a practical choice. And with a wide variety of low-investment opportunities available, owning a car detailing business is attainable. However, investing in a car detailing franchise may be a risky venture. Here are a few reasons it may not be the best path.

  • Relies on discretionary budget. Although small businesses regained losses felt following the pandemic outbreak, sky high inflation and rising gas prices are prompting people to cut their discretionary budget to pay the bills. The average cost of inflation is $380 a month per household in the United States and gas prices hit a record high this summer. To afford rising prices, customers are cutting back on dining out, vacations, and entertainment to stay afloat, according to First Insight, a customer analytics provider.

    Generating profits during tight economic times can be difficult. Unlike an auto repair shop or grocery store, getting your car detailed is not an essential business. When a recession is looming, customers tighten their purse strings and limit discretionary spending, which can hamper profits at a car detailing franchise.
  • Limited Lineup of Services. As the auto industry evolves and more people turn to electric or hybrid vehicles, owning a franchise with a wide variety of services helps increase average ticket prices and drive repeat business. Car detailers offer a specific service, which can limit profits.
  • Weather. Car detailing is a seasonal business and bad weather can put a dent in profits. During the winter, customers need to wash their cars frequently to get rid of dirt and grime. But they are less likely to invest in a thorough detail until winter ends and the roadways are clear. Several days of rainy weather can also put a damper on bookings and lead to slow sales.

Moran Offers Franchise Advantage
If the drawbacks to a car detailing franchise are adding up, a business in the aftermarket auto industry may be a better option. Moran Family of Brands franchises six different brands in the aftermarket and window tinting industry, including Milex Complete Auto Care, Mr. Transmission, and Turbo Tint.

You do not need to be a mechanic to become a Moran franchise owner. Every Moran franchisee attends three weeks of pre-opening training to ensure they are ready to serve customers and cope with back office administration. As part of its training program, Moran helps franchise owners learn how to find highly-trained mechanics to make repairs and provide maintenance. The company also has a technology team devoted to tracking developments in the automobile industry to ensure its franchisees have up-to-date service information.

The initial investment to open one of Moran’s concepts starts at $118,200, including a franchise fee of approximately $52,000. To make sure its franchise owners generate profits and cater to the evolving nature of the industry, Moran focuses on co-branding. Co-branding lets business owners make the most of multiple revenue streams to ink higher ticket prices and drive strong repeat business.

Learn More About Moran
If the aftermarket auto industry sounds like a better fit, partnering with Moran can allow you to succeed as an entrepreneur. Request Information or touch base with one of Moran’s franchise business consultants today.


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