The Moran Family of Brands started humbly in 1958 through the ambitions of Dennis Moran. He began a career in the automotive industry, focusing on the aftermarket for parts and equipment. Over time, he saw that people had a great need for automotive and transmission parts, along with regular repair service. His entrepreneurial drive helped him make the company successful over the course of decades.

In 1990, Dennis Moran took things a step further by establishing Moran Industries with his wife Cele and youngest daughter, Barb. It took the drive of his business and applied it to a franchise, helped by purchasing the Mr. Transmission brand. After many years focusing on providing the best possible customer service and offering the newest and top-of-the-line products, the Moran family turned the company into one of the leading transmission, auto repair and accessory franchises in the country.

Barb Moran represents a continuation of that drive. Having grown up in the business and learning from her father, it was no surprise that she would take over the company as President and Chief Executive Officer in 1999. In 2010, she bought the Moran Family of Brands from her parents, and now runs the company outright. She continues to value her franchisees as the most valuable people in the company, offering them the tools, technology, system enhancements and vendor support programs they need to become successful.

To better reflect how the company has matured into multiple brands and services, Barb changed the name of Moran Industries to the Moran Family of Brands in 2011. She also sees the name as a way to reflect our desire to foster a family relationship with our franchisees. We feel the only way for us to succeed is for our franchise owners to do the same through open communication and a shared commitment to the same goals. By working together as a team, as a family, we’re able to achieve more in providing the highest quality service and the best parts to our customers. We make a difference in people’s lives in helping them live and realize their dreams, while building a franchise system that can withstand anything.

The DRIVE that Dennis started and Barb continues is much more than ambition. It’s a philosophy that guides the family each and every day, and is presented as follows:

  • Dedication: Committed to accomplishing our company’s mission and responsibilities
  • Respect: Being caring and kind to the people we work with and the customers we serve
  • Integrity: Incorporating the highest standards of ethics in all the business decisions we make everyday
  • Vision: Constantly looking for the latest and greatest in the automotive aftermarket
  • Enthusiasm: Looking forward to coming in to work every day, seeking to accomplish our mission

Our strategy is to give our franchisees the opportunity to grow with the help of highly advanced business management and the sense that they belong as a part of a family.

Moran specializes in offering services in nearly every segment of the automotive repair and aftermarket industries, bringing a level of consistency that is seamless throughout the company. One of our strengths is co-branding different franchises together, a concept we’re credited as one of its creators. Recently, we successfully rebranded our Alta Mere franchise to expand our current automotive aftermarket and window tinting offerings to include important safety accessories and equipment.

Our business philosophy:
We seek to foster a community by building long-lasting relationships with both our customers and our franchises through the work we do.

How We Manage:
Our best and brightest franchisees have initiative, assertiveness, creativity and the ability to think independently. They’re not afraid to ask questions if they feel that we’re going the wrong direction. That’s something we hope to develop.

Financial Ideals:
Our profitability matters. It gives us not only the chance to achieve our goals as a family, but better enable us to help our franchisees succeed. This matters now and into the future. We measure profit based on what we do to support our franchises over the year and whether it is enough for them to succeed.

Franchising Beliefs:
Our company can only do well when the franchisees succeed. We look for team members that would be welcome in our family, and can build relationships with everyone by sharing their knowledge and skills to help achieve our mission. We help by providing them with the tools, systems and support network necessary to do so.

Today, we at the Moran Family of Brands continue to adapt to the changes in what customers want, the automotive aftermarket as a whole and chances to build revenue. We do this with innovative products, smart solutions in service and working together across brands and franchises to solve solutions. We are an organization that’s committed to offering franchise opportunities that are backed with DRIVE and result in long-term, sustainable growth for all.