With so many choices dependent on cost, quality and service, vehicle owners can be picky when it comes to who they turn to for fixing their car or truck. Milex Complete Auto Care has franchise owners that have been providing an incredible level of customer satisfaction through making their services consistent, thorough and affordable. That keeps customers coming back, making Milex a reliable source for repairs and maintenance of all kinds in the local community. By offering complete total auto repairs, especially when co-branded with Mr. Transmission, people have a one-stop source for all their car or truck needs.

Services include:

    • Preventative maintenance such as:
      • Oil changes
      • Brake services
      • Tune up services
    • Factory-scheduled maintenance which can be found in every car owner’s manual
    • Advanced repairs such as:
      • Replacing brake rotors
      • Steering and suspension
      • Fuel system
      • Check Engine light
      • Emission and exhaust repairs
      • CV joint
      • Repairing the engine if it fails
    • Air conditioners, radiators, and cooling systems

How Milex franchisees stand out

        • Flexibility of what you can repair
        • Repairing all makes, models, or types
        • Moran’s recent training series focuses on repairing hybrids

Moran Family of Brand’s D.R.I.V.E. Philosophy: