Do you want to be in a growing recession-resistant business?
Do you want to own a business where your services are always needed?
Do you have a hobby or interest in cars or motorcycles?
Do you thrive on creating great customer experiences and building strong relationships?

The Dream Becomes Reality

As specialists in the automotive aftermarket, we’re here to give you a chance to live those dreams. With Moran Family of Brands, you’re given the keys to a franchise that offers a wide variety of repair services, parts, and accessories that all customers need and want.

What makes Moran Family of Brands special is that we’re not limited to just one form of auto service. You have flexibility in what you can offer

  • Mr. Transmission/Milex Complete Auto Care
  • Milex Complete Auto Care/Alta Mere The Automotive Outfitters
  • Alta Mere The Automotive Outfitters/SmartVIEW Window Solutions
  • Any of our brands can be opened as a stand-alone model

Don’t Go It Alone

Moran Family of Brands offers a proven and reliable business model for you to work with. Our comprehensive training programs are designed to teach you our proven, successful business systems. We know what you need in order to be successful in this business and we have built it into our training and support services.


  • lets you build relationships based on trust
  • focuses on how to grow your business
  • teaches you how to provide great customer service
  • how to hire qualified techs
  • how to manage your revenues, expenses, and margins
  • how to market and advertise your business effectively
  • how to manage to current trends and customer needs
  • All you have to do is ask our franchisees!


Most importantly, Moran Family of Brands is committed to making sure you’re welcome as a franchisee.

How do we see business?

  • Being a part of a Family
  • Maintaining open communications between our franchisees and us
  • You’ll be able to grow, but feel as though you’re a part of something meaningful
  • By joining Moran Family of Brands, you can achieve your dreams and be a part of something greater
  • Be in business for yourself – but not by yourself
  • Be part of a support system that not only includes corporate support, but the support of our great family of franchisees