Finding the right franchise to buy and operate can be challenging. Moran Family of Brands offers three great options for franchising. The automotive aftermarket industry continues to grow annually; seeing major shifts in the last ten years presents amazing opportunities.

  • Automotive aftermarket industry is strong
  • $300 billion per year in economic output
  • More than 254 million vehicles registered and 212 million licensed drivers
  • Drivers are pushing their vehicles hard
  • Americans drove nearly 3 trillion miles
  • Average age of cars and light trucks is 5 years, and is expected to grow to 11.7 years by 2019.
  • A lot of people are interested in repairing their vehicles and making them last longer
  • In 2002, transmission repair generated $2.3 billion. Some 12 years later, that number is estimated to be $3.9 billion – an increase of 70%
  • In 2002, general, non-warranty automotive repair and maintenance generated just over $900 million in revenue
  • The number is now closer to $1.8 billion, a 78% increase over 12 years

What makes our franchises stand out from the rest of the competition?

  • Our greatest advantage is co-branding
    • Combine your Mr. Transmission with a Milex to offer a complete one-stop shop
    • Combine Milex and Alta Mere for auto maintenance repair and accessories
    • Combine Alta Mere and SmartVIEW for automotive accessories and energy savings with residential/commercial window solutions
  • Having the ability to run multiple brands under one roof
  • Building businesses that are uniquely diverse in products and services
  • Many of our franchisees control more than one brand, making this option popular