Dennis Moran started in the automotive business in 1958 however, Moran Industries was formed in 1990 when he acquired Mr Transmission, which was the beginning of our entry into the franchising world. Over the years Mr. Moran’s entrepreneurial spirit was evident as he built the original business around automotive resale & wholesale and eventually saw the need for automotive and transmission parts and repair services. In 1990, Mr. Moran, his wife and his youngest daughter Barb founded Moran Industries and expanded the business model to include franchised repair facilities with the acquisition of Mr. Transmission. Through hard work, commitment to customers and development of innovative products and services, Dennis, Cele and Barb built the business into one of the leading transmission, auto repair and accessory franchises in the country. Barb has led the company through a changing industry and has served as the President and CEO since 1999.

In 2010, Barb Moran, bought the business from her parents. Growing up in the business, Barb knows the value of building positive relationships and supporting her franchisees. This is demonstrated by her commitment to Moran franchisees in providing more tools, more technology, more system enhancements, and more vendor programs than ever before. In 2012, Moran Industries became Moran Family of Brands to better reflect the multiple brands and services that the company offers and the commitment to building a family environment for franchisees. We believe that in order for us to be successful, our franchisees must be successful. One way that we believe we can accomplish this is by promoting open communication among all of us. As a team, we are able to accomplish more with a common goal of success in our franchise. By working together, we not only create a strong and growing franchise system, we make a real difference in people’s lives by helping them to achieve their dreams.

Embedded in this family relationship is the essence of our core values:

DRIVE-logo-finalOur strategy is to offer the advantages of a truly sophisticated business management,sales and production support system and an unparalleled opportunity for growth.

Moran has brought consistency to the automotive aftermarket by offering specialty chains in nearly every segment of that market. We have been listed as one of the founders in developing the concept of co-branding various franchise systems together. Most recently, we have expanded our franchise offering beyond the automotive aftermarket into the home improvement industry with Smartview Window Solutions.

Our Business Philosophy

To develop and maintain long term relationships in all aspects of our work with our franchisees and customers.

Management Philosophy

We value initiative, creativity and an independent mind. We want team members that will question the wisdom of something they consider to be bad decisions.

Financial Philosophy

We must maintain profitability in order to accomplish our goals and to be able to support our franchisees now and in the future. Our profit measurements need to include how effective we are in supporting our franchisees in a year and the difference we made for them.

Franchising Philosophy

We believe that when our franchisees are financially successful, then we will be successful. We seek team members that believe in the philosophy of building relationships through sharing of knowledge, skills, systems and the tools necessary to achieve common objectives.

After multiple acquisitions of regional companies throughout the 1990’s we had the task of establishing best practices that would be consistent throughout all of the companies we acquired. That meant learning different things from each of the acquisitions based on their successes and formulating that information into a solid operating system and training program to insure consistency throughout the system. In the early 2000’s we began to focus more on organic growth. That is also when we developed our co-branding programs allowing franchisees to open 2 or 3 franchises under the same roof. This has been a huge differentiation for us as it allows franchisees to scale their business without increasing their overhead structure.

Today, Moran Family of Brands continues to evolve to meet customer demand, market conditions and revenue opportunities with innovation, ingenuity and collaboration. The Moran Family of Brands is an organization offering automotive franchise opportunities perfectly positioned for long-term, sustainable growth.