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Hints an Auto Repair Shop Isn’t Up to Snuff

Most vehicle owners share the struggle of finding an affordable and trustworthy auto repair shop. Without knowing the market, it can be difficult to find a knowledgeable and skilled mechanic with honest values. Don’t let the search discourage you! Every industry is plagued with a few rotten apples but for the most part, companies like Milex Complete Auto Care are in the business of providing a one-stop shop for reliable, unmatched repair and maintenance with superior service. To avoid the poor performers when shopping around for an auto repair shop, watch out for red flags like these:

Lack of Certifications
A list of mechanic certifications is a perfect way to judge the experience and expertise of a repair shop. Relevant certifications establish trust and instill a sense of security with customers. The Automotive Service Excellence Certification is standard when it comes to the repair industry. A shop that lacks various certifications may not be as dependable, so don’t be afraid to ask about these before having work done.

No Warranty on Services
A mechanic or repair shop that doesn’t extend a warranty on services performed likely isn’t up to par. That being said, a written warranty is very different from a verbal warranty. Be sure to receive a warranty in writing and not rely solely on goodwill. Written estimates are also a great way to hold a repair shop accountable for quotes and services. Make sure the estimate states the repair shop should contact you before performing work if it exceeds a certain cost. Protect yourself and your vehicle from dodgy workmanship and be sure to seek out a quality and reputable shop that stands behinds its work.

Excessive Recommendations
Do you ever feel like your mechanic is trying to cheat you by insisting you need more work done on your vehicle? What if you visit a repair shop for a cracked windshield and they insist you need proper wheel alignment and a new timing belt? While this may be true, you should be mindful of excessive recommendations. Don’t let a pushy mechanic pressure you into unnecessary work. Your mechanic should be honest and transparent about servicing your vehicle and whether the work is crucial or insignificant.

Service Mistakes
An obvious sign of a questionable repair shop is careless mistakes made while servicing your vehicle. Having your car in the shop is frustrating and inconvenient alone, but tack on some mistakes and it’s enough to send you over the edge. If a repair shop somehow manages to snap a belt or forgets to tighten a few lug nuts, you’ll be back in there before you gas up next. Be sure to take note of the condition of your vehicle before leaving it with a repair shop to ensure you are not faulted for their mistakes. A good shop will own its mistakes and be upfront with their customers.

Excuses, Excuses
Have you ever requested a repair shop to save your car’s old parts after servicing and then return to find some excuse for why they weren’t? Even if they are broken or covered in rust and oil, asking for old parts is a great way to guarantee the shop actually replaced them in the first place. If a repair shop doesn’t follow through it might be a sign to seek out a new mechanic.

Aggressive Demeanor
Another potential red flag when it comes to auto repair shops is their inability and unwillingness to answer customer questions and concerns. If a mechanic becomes aggressive or agitated by your query regarding costs or service specifics, it usually means they have something to hide. A good business will understand that questions arise, especially when expensive repairs are at hand. As a customer, you should feel comfortable inquiring about your vehicle.  After all, it is your money being spent.

When it comes to seeking out a reputable auto repair shop, remember to consider these tips. Economical and dependable automotive service is not too much to ask for. With Milex Complete Auto Care, you won’t have to settle for anything less than you deserve.


The Advantages of Paint Protection

Paint protection film is a unique service offering that will not only protect your car’s paint job, but also ensure that every aspect of your car’s maintenance and preservation is taken care of for the secondary automotive market. Many drivers don’t realize that paint protection film is something that automotive accessory shops can offer their customers, and that ignorance can end up costing customers when it comes time to sell or trade in their car.

The world is a scary place for a brand-new car; with all the flying rocks, errant shopping carts, door-slamming passengers and unexpected hail storms, a car’s paint job has to survive a lot. And paint can be surprisingly delicate, especially if it is routinely exposed to high heat or sunlight which softens it. Damage to your car’s paint job is not easily fixed without repainting the entire car, and color-matching to patch up a small area is nearly impossible. And if the damage is noticeable? There goes your car’s resale value.

While selling your car might be the last thing you’re thinking of when the ink is still wet on your vehicle’s title, taking maintenance steps early on is the best way to preserve its value for when you want to sell or trade in your current vehicle. According to the car valuation experts at Kelley Blue Book and Car Care Council, having a clean and good-looking car can make a difference of anywhere from $300 to $2,000 in the car’s ultimate resale price. Fortunately, damage to your car’s paint job can be prevented, with the easy, one-time application of paint protection film from Alta Mere The Automotive Outfitters.

Finding an automotive accessory shop that offers paint protection services can be difficult, by virtue of the fact that not many people are aware that this service can do so much to preserve the value of a new or used car, so demand is low. This means that many businesses aren’t willing to add on a service that they would have to market so heavily, but for Alta Mere, the reward to our customers is well worth the investment. Alta Mere technicians are trained in applying paint protection films and other accessories, and customers are consistently blown away by the results.

Paint protection can help keep winter debris and summer temperatures from damaging your car prematurely, and can give you a huge advantage in the car resale market. To find your local Alta Mere and schedule your paint protection service, visit


Bad Habits That Are Destroying Your Car

Damage to your car begins accumulating the moment you drive it off the lot. We all know this, but there are ways to speed up this damage without even realizing it, setting yourself up for some hefty repair bills in the future. Unfortunately, many of the following are common habits, and Milex Complete Auto Care technicians see drivers unwittingly shortening the lives of their cars every day. Here are some of the worst habits we’ve seen, and how you can turn them around to prevent damage to your car.

Driving Habit: Letting gas get too low
The temptation to drive with a low gas level is pervasive. After all, who wants to take time out of their day to fuel up, or spend the money to do it? Unfortunately, letting your gas level get too low can damage your car in the long term. Here’s why: Over time, sediment can build up in the bottom of your fuel tank. This is fine, provided your gas level doesn’t get too low. But once your fuel injection system starts draining from the bottom of your tank, it can pick up this sediment, and it can get caught further along the fuel system, even in the engine. This sediment tears up the inside of your fuel system and engine, ultimately requiring expensive repairs.

Maintenance Habit: Going too long between oil changes
Yeah, we get it — you’d rather do anything but get an oil change. But your engine oil serves a vital purpose in your vehicle, and waiting too long to get it changed is asking for trouble. Your oil cools the engine, cleans engine parts and lubricates the engine as it passes through your drivetrain. As a result, the oil becomes dirty, and it can no longer perform these functions well. Oil can also burn off, which can quickly deplete your car’s oil reserves and leave you broken down on the highway. So, make sure you know your car’s service intervals, and get your oil replaced before the wear and tear adds up.

Driving Habit: Rapid Acceleration & Braking
You might feel like a racecar driver, but your little family car is not equipped for quick maneuvers or sudden changes in speed. Your car is designed for safety first, which means that precision, handling and other advantages that performance vehicles possess are completely foreign to your car. Rapid acceleration can cause damage all along your drivetrain, and braking too rapidly can wear down your brake pads and cause them to overheat, which will reduce their effectiveness as you drive. In the end, moves like this can cause rapid wear and tear on your car, which earns you no street cred, no adoring fans at the car show — just a hefty bill at the automotive shop.

Maintenance Habit: Carrying Too Much Extra Cargo
Always Be Prepared. It’s the motto of the Boy Scouts, but it doesn’t have to apply to your commute each day. How many of the things in your car do you need on a daily basis? If you can purge your car of any extra weight it might be carrying, you’ll probably end up relieving some of the burden on your vehicle. This will ultimately reduce the amount of work your engine has to do to accelerate and make braking easier. It will also protect your suspension system by reducing the resistance it meets as it navigates your car over rough or uneven roads.

Driving Habit: Not Using the Parking Brake
Because it is also known as the emergency brake, many people only associate the parking brake with situations in which they have to brake suddenly. But using the parking brake every time you turn off your car’s ignition, even if you aren’t parked on an incline, will protect your car’s transmission. Even if you drive a car with automatic transmission, when you park without engaging the parking brake, the weight of your car rests on a single piece of the transmission system, called the parking pawl. The parking brake, once engaged, can distribute your car’s weight more evenly, and keep your transmission safe from damage.

Maintenance Habit: Ignoring Subtle Warnings
If you begin hearing odd noises from your car, smelling odors or feeling a difference in your car’s handling, you could be one of the lucky few who gets a warning before a major problem with your vehicle. Don’t waste this opportunity! Quickly report what you’re experiencing to your trusted automotive technician, so they can evaluate the issue and recommend a course of action to prevent extensive damage. Simple preventive maintenance could keep you from getting stranded on the side of the road.

It can be easy to think that your bad car habits are no big deal. That’s because most of them cause damage over a long stretch of time. But trust us, letting these behaviors continue can be disastrous down the line. Don’t let some easily-fixed habits ruin your car before its time. Visit your local Milex Complete Auto Care or Mr. Transmission for routine maintenance and tips on how to preserve your car’s good health.





Mr. Transmission/Milex Franchisees Help Hurricane Harvey Recovery Efforts

In late August, southern Texas was pelted with heavy rains, storm surges and high winds, which devastated property in much of the area. Stories are still surfacing of the damage wreaked by Hurricane Harvey, and many experts estimate it will take at least a year for the area to return to normal. Gordon and Carolyn Ricossa and their employees of the Mr. Transmission & Milex Complete Auto Care in Beaumont, TX, found themselves in the thick of the storm with very little in the way of preparation. When Hurricane Harvey first hit the area, Gordon sent all the technicians home to wait it out in safety. That would be the last time they would be able to reach the store for 10 days.

The Beaumont store was fortunate to avoid flooding, but all of the roads leading to the shop were closed due to high water for more than week.  Once Gordon, Carolyn and their technicians could reach the shop, they had to get straight to work, and were only able to use small generators to charge the phones and computers (no lights, air supply, or lifts) for two weeks while the power was out in their area.

The team had had a long list of vehicles to work on prior to the storm, but almost immediately after reopening, people began visiting the shop with water-damaged vehicles that they desperately needed to get running again. Gordon and his team of technicians prioritized these vehicles, because they knew what people in these situations were already going through, and wanted to help them. In many cases, these water-damaged cars were a family’s only mode of transportation. Gordon said giving back in this way has been an important part of helping his community recover.

Gordon and Carolyn know that they were very fortunate.  Their shop was spared the worst destruction, and they are now in a position to help others get back on their feet.  Going forward, the Ricossas plan to continue supporting relief and recovery efforts.  The couple has so far been helping at the church evacuee center by cooking meals and donating clothes and supplied to the church distribution center.  They are also helping two of their technicians whose houses experienced flood damage by assisting them with clothes, food, and time off to recover what items are salvageable.

Gordon said the best way to assist others affected by the hurricane is through monetary donations. All of the money Donated to local churches and organizations involved in the recovery process will go directly to the people affected by the hurricane.  “If people want to help, I would recommend finding local churches and donating money to them,” said Gordon. “The churches in our area are doing a lot of work in housing people, feeding people and helping families get back in their homes. They’re in the area helping people who have lost everything.”

Hurricane Harvey delivered destruction to parts of Texas, but the strength and perseverance Gordon and Carolyn have seen in their community have assured them that the community will get through this difficult time.